Translation Portfolio

Last Updated: October 2019

Video Games:

-Steins;Gate (Secondary TL, 2014)

-Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni (2015)

-Dies irae: ~Amantes Amentes~ (2016)

-Omega Labyrinth Z (Unreleased)

-Dies irae: ~Interview with Kaziklu Bey~ (2018)

-Our World Is Ended (2018)

-Raging Loop (2019)

-Baldr Sky (2019)

-Hello Lady! (TBA)

-Seven Days (Bonus Content TL, TBA)

-Unannounced Project (TBA)

-Unannounced Project (TBA)

-Unannounced Project (TBA)


-In Another World With My Smartphone (Ongoing)

-Infinite Dendrogram (Ongoing)

-Sorcerous Stabber Orphen: The Wayward Journey (Ongoing)


-Harem Royale: When The Game Ends (2018)

-Infinite Dendrogram (Ongoing)

-Shed that Skin, Ryugasaki-san! (Ongoing)
-Loner Life in Another World (Ongoing)

-Dungeon Nursery (Unreleased)

Art Books:

-Shigenori Soejima Artworks II (2019)

-Mikulife (2020)

-Dragon's Crown: Official Artworks (2019)